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    With a vision as broad as macrocosm,
    we deal with materials of molecular precision.
    Facing the infinite universe, we are overwhelmed with respect and awe.
    In the specialty of material science, we do not cower.
    We are convinced:
    Our persistence on commitment of material science with tears & sweat
    We have invested in becoming specialists in material science sill reap bountiful fruits.

    ?The universe as a broad macro, fine fine crystal dumpling class materials


    ?but in the specialty materials, we dare not sell ourselves short, we believe that weare in persistent on the material


    ?professional and effort put into the drip will eventually form a fruitful!


    ?The universe as a broad macro, fine fine crystal dumpling class materials


    Advanced Material Group

    ? Passive Components

    ? Research Material
    ? Magnetic Material
    ? Power Electronic Engineering Div.
    ? Optical Material
    ? Semi-Conductor Material

    New Material Group

    ? Advanced Display Material
    ? Optoelectronic Material
    ? Touch Panel Material
    ? IC Components Division

    Energy/Power Group

    ? Solar Material
    ? LED Relevant Material
    ? Battery Material
    ? Mobile Phone Material
    ? Substrate Material
    ? 3C Relevant Material

    Metal Chemical Materials Group

    ? Hard Facing Material 
    ? Metal / Alloy Material
    ? Electro-Ceramic Material
    ? Flame Retardant Material

    Equipment Group

    ? Optoelectronic & Display

    ? Semiconductor & LED Equipment Div.
    ? AI Robotics Div.

    Materials used in Optoelectronic, Semiconductor, Electronic, Electric-Engineering and Solar;Import and Triangular Trade of Metal / Alloy and Inorganic materials

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    Fine Chemical, Innotek, PCB, Gredium Indium
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